Pi is a light amber ale with a fresh hoppy, citrus aroma. It is slightly dry on the palate leaving a smooth bitter after taste.

Brewed using local Norfolk malts and two hops. One a sweet and spicy aroma hop and the other a high alpha bittering hop.

Style: Bitter / ABV 3.8%
Look Light Amber
Smell Quite hoppy
Taste Dry, Bitter, Moreish


A refreshing pale ale with a delicious hoppy aroma.

Brewed with a single hop that imparts both a floral and spicy aroma, added to a combination of two malts keeping this ale simple and refreshing.

Style: Pale / ABV 4.2%
Look Light
Smell Hoppy
Taste Refreshing and Hoppy


Sunshiny is a refreshing golden ale with a honey twist. Brewed with the finest local malts giving the ale a rich full bodied smooth flavour.

It is a single hop brew using a fragrant and flowery aroma hop, with a citrus character.

This ale can be served slightly chilled.

Style: Golden Ale / ABV 4.5%
Look Golden
Smell Sweet, Citrus
Taste Sweet, Honey, Citrus

Square Miled

Brewed with mild ale malt, a combination of darker malts and traditional English hops, Square Miled has a delicious sweet malty flavour. The ale is not aged so it has a fresh spring taste. A delicious traditional mild ale.

Style: Mild / ABV 4%
Look Dark
Smell Malty
Taste Sweet, Light Roasted

Norfolk Beer of the Year 2010 - Real Ale in a Bottle Category

Brewed with a combination of darker malts, Winklepicker is a delicious traditional porter. A slight roasted flavour is imparted from the chocolate and crystal malts giving the ale a lovely cocoa aroma that will excite the taste buds.

An old English Porter hop is used that rounds the ale off with a light bitter after taste.

Style: Porter / ABV 5%
Look Dark
Smell Malty, Chocolate
Taste Smooth, Malty, Chocolate, Vanilla


B52 is a creamy russet coloured best bitter. Smooth on the palate with a light hoppy aroma.

The ale is brewed with a single hop that imparts a delicious blackcurrant undertone.

Style: Best Bitter / ABV 4.8%
Look Russet
Smell Fruity, Sweet
Taste Smooth, Malty, Hoppy, Blackcurrant
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